Has anyone sent an Upverter board to SeeedStudio Fusion PCB Service?

Has anyone sent Upverter files to Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB Service? What was your experience? I have sent Eagle files to the Fusion PCB service with great results. Fusion PCB provided design rules for Eagle that built up my confidence that the board would work good with their service. Seeed Studio Fusion PCB

Yes! We have sent dozens of different boards to Seeed. While the order button was turned on our main provider of manufacturing was Seeed.

Hey Nathan,

Many of Seeed’s fab specs can be entered into Upverter’s design rules. So as long as you clear all design rule violations at the end of your design, you can be confident it will be fabricated correctly. Let us know if you need help with that!



I’m trying to get a board fabbed with Seeed Studio at the moment, and having some problems with my gerber file. I grabbed my ‘Gerber Format (RS-274X extended)’ and submitted them to Seeed Studio Fusion, but I received the following message after submitting:

In your Gerber file, it has no drilling layer, would you please modify your file and re-upload.

It looks like the Gerber file does have a drilling layer… am I missing an important step somewhere along the line? Do I need different format for the drilling layer - and if so, how do I do that (what files do I need to modify, replace, etc)

As a side note - this is the first time I’ve gone through the manufacturing process, so please excuse any really ignorant questions :slight_smile:

I think the problem is that SeeedStudio expects the drill file to be a .TXT file and not an .XLN file.

Renaming the .XLN file to .TXT should do the trick.