Getting Up To Speed in Feature Announcements

Hi Everyone!

The last post in this category was back in 2017. That’s not okay, and we’re going to make an effort to not only add new features, but announce them on the regular. All of you surely noticed that Upverter saw a drop in support and updates for an extended period. Some of you might have seen that I, and some of my colleagues have made an effort to keep you up to date as Altium begins pouring its resources back into this amazing EDA tool. So without further ado, let’s see what’s new in Upverter:

  • Gumstix Geppetto Integration
    • Import Geppetto designs into Upverter
    • Edit them driectly from the Geppetto interface
  • Ship it!” button.
    • export Gerbers, pick-and-place data, BOM and NC Drill files directly into our partner manufacturer’s estimate and ordering page
  • kickoff
    • Introductory courses for new electronics design students of all ages.
  • Octopart search integration on part pages
  • Several UI stability issues resolved
  • single-sign-on (SSO) added

I’m sure I missed a bunch. More to come.