Finding fabrication sources

My biggest problem is finding sources for fabrication.

For example : i need someone to make a threaded aluminum enclosure that has transparent aluminum kinda like what apple is doing on their keyboards and trackpads. you don’t see an opening but yet light shines through.

same thing goes for assembly services, injection molding. The simple stuff any shop can do but as soon as you want something a bit more elegant or fancy . they brakes slam shut.

so where do you find such guys ?

There are in China / HK lots of very good SHOWS to attend (Canton Fair / HK Fair / etc). Research your specific industry online to check which fair can be the best for you. Also, if you are looking for better quality, you should consider Taiwan or Japan (much more expensive). Another good way to find great fabrics sources is through contacts from others startups and hardware companies. Also, there are consultants in China that can help you to find your perfect manufacturer. But always, the top priority is YOU being there. This is a NON-DELEGABLE MATTER.

Tomi Pierucci
Co-Founder / President, Bluesmart