Ember Hardware Inc. -- Generalist Electrical Engineer

Generalist Electrical Engineer

You are a generalist who is eager to tackle a variety of electrical engineering challenges. You will work closely with a cross-functional team to bring our first product (a head mounted display) from prototype to production. Whether a design requires analog design, digital design, or (more likely) a mix of both, you have the ability to bring the idea from concept to prototype to production. You are very comfortable with the soldering iron and are familiar with debugging signal integrity issues. Whether a problem requires new firmware or a faster op-amp, you can take care of it.


  • Two years of professional experience in electrical engineering
  • Experience in schematic design and layout tools and processes
  • Ability to create and execute detailed test plans
  • Familiarity with analog circuits, control systems, and power electronics
  • Hands-on lab experience with lab test equipment including the oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, etc.


  • Experience in high-speed signal integrity
  • Experience with common HW interfaces (USB, PCIE, SDIO, I2C, HSIC, SPI)
  • Experience in FPGA and/or firmware programming
  • Familiarity with board layout processes and tools

Ember Hardware, Inc
We’ve found a way to create a life-like virtual reality head mounted display that is years ahead of the current state of the art by using a novel laser based architecture. Unlike announced products in this space (i.e. Rift by Oculus) our HMD is capable of delivering hyper-realistic retina level resolution spanning the entire field of vision in a much more portable and energy efficient package. While we’re still very early, we don’t need to worry about funding (3 co-founders have successfully sold previous ventures). Our current team consists of extremely talented people with strong backgrounds who cover most of the expertise we need to bring this product to market. Our mission is to build the first truly consumer friendly, useful, and mind-blowing virtual reality experiences.

Contact: dilanj@alum.mit.edu