Echo Labs - Senior Hardware Engineer

Description - Senior Hardware Engineer

Specifically, the Hardware Developer will lead the hardware prototyping in Echo Labs:
• Own the design and implementation of end-to-end prototype hardware architecture
• Analog and mixed signal chain design (components, schematics, PCB layout)
• SoC selection and electrical implementation on our board (current design- Freescale ARM Cortex M4)
• Create hardware that samples biometric signals – analyzed by state-of-the-art, patent pending algorithms
• Model, test, and verify electronic design
• Assist external contractors through the PCB fabrication and PCB assembly process
• Lead the HW interface with our Industrial Design firm, to create production-ready hardware design for the company’s first product and the products to come
• Work with our FW developers and assist in creating libraries and SoC configurations
• Decide what are the programming and debugging tools we will have for our prototypes
• Analyze emerging HW technologies in Wearable Devices and related areas
• Advantage - Optical component selection and design (components, schematics, PCB layout)

About Echo Labs

We aim to bring a revolution in fitness & health wearable devices. Our patent-pending wearable technology allows for noninvasive monitoring and analysis of blood composition. It tracks key physiological indicators of energy, fitness, nutrition, hydration, and sleep all without the need for traditional blood testing. The technology is allowing us to close the feedback loop like no other fitness and health wearable: meaningful data sensing > blood component analysis > physiological phenomena identification > personalized, individual guidance > behavior modification.
We currently have partnerships with some of the most elite athletic groups in the nation and have been featured in industry panels and magazines.

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