Continuous Liquid 3D Printing

Carbon3D is developing a method of 3D printing that they call “continuous liquid interface production” which utilizes the curing properties of resin to create objects. The resulting object as a whole rather than a series of layers and the speed of production holds promise to revolutionize 3D printing, although there is skepticism about its potential to push 3D printing from niche prototyping to mass production.


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So this is a refinement of SLA style printing?

Seems like an iteration on SLA, down to the inverted build platform.

We have a Form1+ printer, and absolutely love it. It’s the only printer in the prosumer market that prints at the resolution we work at. The two issues I have are the print speed and the finishing process. This design seems to address the speed issue, but I imagine finishing is still a pain.

One step closer to programmable matter.

There were some pictures that were quite zoomed in and the finish looked really smooth.