Common Reusable Functional blocks


I am trying to figure out what the most useful reusable blocks are for Upverter users.

Can you give me some suggestions on what would make your life easier?



I wish I could just select some portion of a schematic in one design and copy / paste it into another.

The PCB layout and routing doesn’t even need to stay with it. Just being able to take the parts and schematic connections would be a HUGE time save.

I often find myself borrowing bits and pieces of multiple other projects all of the time and having to basically recreate them.

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hey @mcbuilder22,

There is a way to do that now :slight_smile: but a little more involved then cut and paste. In the schematic there is the cut tool that will turn what you select into a module.


You can then add the module to your design and press the expand button in the module expander.


You can do that with any module, then edit it in the design.

Let me know if that helps.


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Awesome thanks.

Maybe I misinterpreted your original post…

If you’re talking about pre designed modules I’d say…

  • Power: Many projects have 24v power supplies but need it stepped down to 5v or 3.3v for the microcontroller.
  • USB: FTDI block with USB connector
  • Maybe a few common micro controllers with the bare essential parts needed to run. For example: Atmel 328p (Arduino Uno) with just the crystal, capacitors, etc

Great suggestions!