Collaborator add problem

I cannot get a collaborator/contributor invitation to go out from my home computer.
I am running Windows 10.

There are three ways to add a contributor/collaborator in upVerter.
In all cases, one first opens up an existing project.

o Option 1: In the project there is a “CONTRIBUTORS” section. Click on the + sign icon, and when the mini-window pops up, put in an e-mail address and click “Invite”.
o Option 2: In the project there is a small diagonal pencil icon to the right of the title. Click on it, it will go to the next screen. One can try to add a Contributor there.
o Option 3: In the project, click on the Open in Editor link to bring up the schematic. Once the schematic is open, look for the Collaborator link on the top line. Click on it. A window will drop down and one can add a collaborator there.

In all cases, I used the desired Contributor’s (Collaborator’s) e-address.

None of these three worked from my home computer.
I had this problem once before and had to go to the local university, get someone to log on to the university system, then I could open a browser, open up upVerter and send an invitation - this worked. I have not tried this again, I am not sure this is an option this time.

Does anyone know how to get an invitation sent from upVerter while one is working on upVerter from home? Can anyone share what they do or have done?

Thank you.