CMV12000: 300fps 4k CMOS Image Sensor

Components are what make a hardware design interesting, and give the project a raison d’être rather than just being another network-connected processor + accelerometer.

Enter the CMV12000. This beast gives 12 megapixel resolution at 300 frames per second; the basis for one heck of a camera:

And, happily, it handles all the scanning and sensor-y stuff in an onboard controller, so all you have to worry about is the 64 LVDS outputs running at 600 Mbps. Of course, you’d need something pretty hefty to be able to do anything intelligent with that torrent of data. Some edgy cameras in this space, such as the Red One use FPGAs to organize the stream into memory (despite the high energy requirements of an FPGA), while others use custom or dedicated image processing ICs which are much more efficient, but lock you into a design and require much larger upfront costs.

High-framerate demos of an earlier version:


I would absolutely love to design a camera that used this sensor! So, so cool.