Climate Controlled Helmet / Bubble


It’s been -30 degrees here at Upverter HQ in Toronto this month, on more days than I care to admit.

For those for us walking or cycling to work, I have to wonder… why don’t we build climate-controlled bubbles for - at least - our heads? These guys seem to be looking at the cooling problem for motorcyclists:

Of course, there’s always the option to go all ninja and wrap your head in a balaclava, but that seems anti-social. Plus, with a helmet you get the options of onboard audio and a heads-up display!



Seems pretty reasonable to me. I’ve been thinking about heated gloves and slippers, too. I don’t think it has to be anything fancy - just a reasonably high wattage resistor and a rechargeable battery.

I help build a high-altitude balloon project a few years back and we needed something similar to keep the onboard lithium battery warm enough to function properly. In a small insulated container, a 5W resistor put off enough heat to keep everything working.

I wonder how many watts of heat you need to keep your fingers / toes / head warm?


My version of that idea includes surround sound with telephone option. Some of the benefits of a car for non-drivers. The name I came up with is the personal space helmet. Could be stylistic variations that draw from industrial music, metal, pop, etc.

A related idea is a clear see through umbrella that drops down over the torso like a dome with heating and cooling options.


This is amazing, I would love to see the prototype of the portable AC / Heating umbrella!