Capacitance Extraction and Electric Field Distribution

Hey All,

We’re in talks with a new partner who builds software for Capacitance Extraction, Electric Field Distribution, Thermal Simulation and Current Distribution. Is anyone interested in those kinds of features? Does anyone do those kind of simulations today? Is anyone working on a product where those kind of simulations are necessary?


Hello Zak,

A tool to quickly see trace capacitance and Inductance would be really nice to have.

As to circuit simulation, it is a difficult problem. The ideal scenario is that one simulates the same circuit that one sends to production. There are some problems with this,
Microcontrollers are not implementable without some complicated emulators
Various resistors or others parts have to be added to make the simulation converge
And for each part a simulation model has to be created, a difficult thing, it takes me a couple of hours to extract a moseft model from a datasheet
So what most developers do is make a separate simplified schematic and only pay attention to the critical parts
A possible solution might be to allow famtom parts and nets that are only used for simulation, parts model substitution and ability to ignore parts.
Simple user interface including documentation how to extract a model from datasheet
And then Electric Field Distribution, Thermal Simulation and Current Distribution might be possible I would think.
If you guys can pull something like this of that would really be awesome!