CAD Maintainer (Mechanical or Circuit)

CAD Maintainers, Founding Team
6-month, part-time commitment
Not paid. Not a youth-activity

The Bayview BOOM teaches at-risk teenagers how to build and market a real hardware product, giving them the skills and hands-on experience to build a brighter future for themselves.

The BOOM is seeking 2 CAD Maintainers for our Founding Team. Your job is to maintain our CAD drawings.

We’re seeking 2 CAD Maintainers:

  • Circuit Schematics (DipTrace and/or Upverter)
  • Mechanical Drawings (Autocad Fusion 360)

You should be an experienced CAD designer, and passionate about empowering disadvantaged youths.

Like all BOOM team positions (including the Founder), this is NOT paid – the BOOM is not funded. Seeking a commitment of 3+ hours per week.

More info:


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