August (Smart Lock) - Test Automation Engineer

Description: Test Automation Engineer

We are seeking a Test Automation Engineer who is passionate about testing and who is a solid programmer with a background in test automation to develop and test August’s devices. The ideal candidate will design, code, extend test frameworks and work closely with our software and hardware teams to implement test plans, refine existing tests, collect data, perform analysis, and independently improve test coverage and throughput.


Design, write and execute automated integration-level tests to verify all aspects of the system,
from hardware interfaces to the user interface
Define and create test rigs for design validation and on-going reliability tests
Develop script-driven automation to control lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, power
supplies, electronic loads, waveform generators, and digital multi-meters
Write and contribute to data analysis and review tools
Integrate the automation framework and tests into continuous integration, test and deployment

Required Skills

   • Strong C/C++ programmer with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience • Well versed with scripting languages such as 

      Java script, Python and others

   • Familiar with basic software developments tools, such as git and gcc

   • Experience writing test frameworks for embedded devices

   • Experience writing code for test automation

   • Familiar with basic hardware test and development tools

   • Knowledgeable of hardware (ideally consumer electronics)

   • Ability to read schematics and component data sheets

   • Experience working across multiple platforms

Even Better

  • Experience using or writing automated data analysis tools • Experience creating test frameworks

  • Experience testing IOS and Android apps 

About August:

August is the maker of the August Smart Lock, the safe, simple, and social way for people to share access to their home. The August Smart Lock re-defines an individual’s relationship with their home and community. August builds products that make life simpler by allowing physical environments to respond seamlessly to people’s behavior. We believe in building quality experiences for our customers through elegance and simplicity. We have a lot planned for the future, and are looking to build a team eager to join the ride

To Apply, send application/ resume to

Hi there! it’s been a while! I have since completed contract role with Seatel Cobham in Concord, CA

I am available for employment at this time and I do live within walking distance of the BART train.

It sounds like you have not yet filled this role? Currently i am being considered for about 15 roles nationwide.
this last role I was tasked to create a test framework(aka test harness) that was targeted to embedded development team members so they could build test cases.

If you are interested in continuing with me, please let me know.

Have a great day!

Ron Harding

@rharding64 please send your application to

this has been done already