Are seasonal board designs common?

I was looking around and found a couple of open snowflake designs. I was wondering if seasonal shaped boards are a thing, and is they are what are some examples.

here are the designs if anyone is interested:

It’s a fun thing for sure! Here’s a Christmas tree I found:

The design:

The snowflake on the right looks familiar. :blush:

I have ideas for a few other seasonal and less seasonal designs too, but I started with a snowflake because I liked the geometric design, and was playing off the current “Frozen” trend. A Christmas tree is on my list. Who could resist a colorful blinking LED tree.

My wife makes homemade beaded jewelry, and she thinks wearable electronics ideas are crazy. I’m trying to prove her wrong. :laughing:


I ran across this one a while back.


It’s not a snowflake, but it’s definitely appropriate for February! I thought it was very cute.

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