Import from Altium Designer

Upverter experimentally supports Altium import.

Disclaimer: The feature is still under heavy development, there may be issues with the import process.

Save to a supported Altium file format
Upverter supports Altium’s default file format (Advanced Schematic version 5.0). Both the binary and the Ascii versions of the file format are supported. If you are using a non-standard file format, please convert your project to the default file format.

Zip project folders
If you would like to import a full project from Altium, you will need to create a Zip file containing all of the files in the project. The schematic files and the project files should all be at the top level of the Zip file. There should be no other folders in the Zip file.

If you only wish to import a single schematic, you do not need to create a Zip file. Simply upload the single schematic file you wish to import.

Import to Upverter
Select Import from your Dashboard page, and upload the file.

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Some other things to keep in mind before you import from Altium:

1) Have you compiled the Altium project?
If Altium shows compile errors, chances are that the import will either fail or be incomplete.

2) Are you using a Top Sheet for multi-sheet schematics?
There are a few ways to connect multi-sheet designs in Altium.
Upverter’s import process relies on the Top Sheet to determine which sheets need to be imported. If your design doesn’t have a Top Sheet, it’s easy to add one. Just create a new sheet and add each sub-sheet as a Sheet Symbol in the Top Sheet.

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I just tried to import an Altium schematic - it kinda worked…

  1. Is there any chance of a license:Other option? (My host has gone with solderpad for this job)
  2. Many of my resistors come in rotated by 90 degrees, some parts are wrongly copied as other parts, text is squiffy. Can I permit you to look at the design and suggest what I’ve done wrong? I’ll make it shared. Cheers!
    If you need the raw altium source, shout.

Hi Steve ,
I am bigner in upverter , I tired import my altium project to upverter , and I could see only the toplevel page in the Project while I check . I hav three cild sheets and toplevel page also a PCB file in my actual altium project .In upverter Bill of materials shows all three pages componets .

Any Idea how to see other pages of schematics and PCB layout ?