Pours getting corrupted in new release


Hi Upverter,

Since the new release I’ve had issues with pours being corrupted, so that unable to generate a pour. It seems to have something to do with mil getting confused with mm. This shows up as the perimeter of the pour having once defined perimeter defined in mm now with the same numbers in mil!!!
The only way to get out of this situation to generate a pour is to delete the pour and start over.
As yo can imagine with a complex geometry this can take hours and hours.
This has happened several times.

A related item is when you toggle one layer and another layer toggles!!!

Definitely this release of the software was not ready and has cause me to loose days of work.
I’m not that impressed.

The older was more stable and did not have these problems.
Thank you.


Dear Frank,
Thanks a lot for your feedback. Could you please provide more details (steps to reproduce) about this issue.

Best regards


I’m having the same problem. Any pour that has island removal checked, simply won’t regenerate.

ID: ccdde6dce8b21b97


The dialog takes the units from the current grid setting. If the grid is specified in mm, the dialog will default to mm. Therefore, to change mm to Mil in the dialog window it is necessary to switch the unit type in the grid (bottom right corner).


Hi @froy,
I’m trying to understand your issue. Are you saying that if you put a value as 5 mm it later shows as 5 mil? Or does it show as 196.9 mil?


Not exactly,

  For pours layout turns mm into mils or vice versa.

  Thus you can see the problem.

Sorry, it’s still not 100% clear. Can you verify that the values are correct when you set the dialog to display in original units?